Mizukara Fit

Mizukara Fit

Mizukara Fit is a combination of training available to suit all ages. Whether it is to learn karate for belts or competition, do the physical training side of Competition Karate to improve your overall fitness, flexibility and speed, or the relaxing, yet invigoration effects of Tai Chi training we offer many ways for you the student to improve many aspects of your life. These classes take place in the morning so students can begin their day off with a kickstart of physical or internal energy.

Karate Fit

Our ‘Karate Fit’ classes are designed to give adults a taste of karate, but art the same time let them experience the many benefits of the training our athletes do for international competitions.
Students are encouraged to take the class at their own speed and like every good sport and exercise programme, gradually build up their skills and fitness.
The difference between this class and many other is that it is based on proved training which has resulted in world class karate athletes. Classes will involved speed & plyometric training, core training and of course the some technical competition skills of Karate.


Tai Chi

The ancient Chines art of ‘Tai Chi’ was primarily created for fighting. However after centuries of development, the world is now aware of the many health benefits of its training. Our classes offer students the chance to learn some Tai Chi form, do some loosening exercises and also stimulate their circulation with a bit of Qi Gong.